Impact And Risk Management

Here you can find the latest frameworks and tools to help measure all the way from environmental and social risk to the potential positive impact of your investments. An overview of environmental frameworks, performance indicators and monitoring approaches are available, as well as tools that measure deforestation dynamics linked to commodity production, and others that can help better plan and monitor results.


Amazon, Cerrado

Environmental Framework for Lending and sustainable intensification of cattle ranching in the Amazon and Cerrado

The Environmental Framework was created to guide lenders and investors in the Brazilian beef value chain to successfully develop finance mechanisms that catalyze sustainable intensification of catt...

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The Annual Mapping of Land Cover and Land Use (MapBiomas) project is an initiative involving a collaborative network of experts in biomes, land uses, remote sensing, GIS and computer science that u...


Environmental Framework for Lending and investing in soy in the cerrado

The Environmental Framework was created to guide lenders and investors in successfully expanding their environmental finance programs or adapting existing products to a DCF approach. It contains a...

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Global Forest Watch

Global Forest Watch is an interactive online deforestation monitoring system with near real-time alerts of suspected locations of recent loss of vegetation cover. It was developed by the World Reso...


INPE - Prodes

Since 1988, the project has been carrying out satellite monitoring of clear-cut deforestation in the Legal Amazon, producing the region's annual deforestation rates. This detection occurs for areas...

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Selo Verde

The Government of ParĂ¡ launched the SeloVerde platform, which makes available in a transparent way, the traceability information of the livestock production chain throughout the ParĂ¡ territory. Par...

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ENCORE (Exploring Natural Capital Opportunities, Risks and Exposure) is a tool to help users better understand and visualise the impact of environmental change on the economy. By focusing on the go...

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Accountability Framework

The Accountability Framework initiative (AFi) is a collaborative effort to build and scale up ethical supply chains for agricultural and forestry products. Led by a diverse global coalition of envi...

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Forest 500

Forest 500 identifies and ranks the most influential companies, and financial institutions in forest risk commodity supply chains. By objectively identifying and ranking these 500 powerbrokers on a...

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Sistema Nacional de Cadastro Ambiental Rural (SICAR)

The National Rural Environmental Registry System (Sicar) was created through Decree No. 7,830/2012 to integrate and manage environmental information from all rural properties in the country, which...

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