Financial Instruments

Finance is a critical piece of the puzzle for this sectoral transition and complements other efforts to eliminate deforestation and conversion of natural habitat. There is a growing interest from lenders and investors in innovative finance mechanisms and several have been deployed already. An overview of the latest initiatives and financial mechanisms are available here.



Syngenta Reverte

Reverte is a joint initiative by Syngenta Group and The Nature Conservancy—long-time partners in sustainability and conservation. The program, conceived in early 2020, is now shifting from planning...



&Green’s financing will be used by Marfrig to enable and implement a no-deforestation requirement across its entire supply chain in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes. This project’s objectives incl...

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco


Long term financing with Grupo Carvalho Dias to enforce forest protection and reforestation as well as restauration of degraded pastureland. The blended finance structure allows de-risking that reduce...

"Responsible Commodity Facility BVRio-SIM"

The Responsible Commodities Facility coordinates a suite of activities to promote the production and trade of responsible commodities in Brazil, starting with soy and corn. Providing competitive cr...


Low Carbon Ranching (PIBC) - Novo Campo

The Novo Campo program promotes sustainable practices in ranches in the Amazon...



"Pecsa reforms degraded farms and makes them highly productive and profitable, ensuring sustainable production without deforestation.

Pecsa takes over the management of the farm for the durat...

Amazon, Cerrado

Sustainable Agriculture Finance Facility (SAFF)

"A credit facility for ranchers who receive a sustainable agriculture certification,

enhancing the adoption of sustainable agricultural technologies (SATS) and

providing long-term, low-...


Irupé Creditech

Irupé aims to balance agricultural production with conservation of forests and biodiversity by aligning interests between opinion leading farmers and responsible institutional investors. This is achie...
Amazon, Cerrado

Calf Sustainable Production Program

"Founded in 2019 by Carrefour Foundation and IDH, aims to change the production and marketing dynamics of livestock in Mato Grosso. Includestraining to increase production efficiency and reduce carbon...


"The project aims to deliver the creation of a blueprint for sustainable business practices that demonstrate a vision which balances sustainable production and the protection of the environment on...

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