The IFACC Knowledge Hub provides financial institutions and other stakeholders with leading research and information on the science, economics, and practice of innovative finance for sustainable agricultural production in the Amazon, Cerrado and the Chaco. Our main objective is to provide open access information to increase awareness, support knowledge sharing and help accelerate innovative finance in the region.

Knowledge Hub Focus Areas

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General Resources

Proven business models are available to increase production yield and farmer incomes while avoiding further biodiversity loss, water, climate and social impacts. Here you can find studies that review the land-use dynamics in these biomes, DCF soy and cattle proven business cases and production models, industry analysis, and the role of finance.

Impact And Risk Management

Here you can find the latest frameworks and tools to help measure all the way from environmental and social risk to the potential positive impact of your investments. An overview of environmental frameworks, performance indicators and monitoring approaches are available, as well as tools that measure deforestation dynamics linked to commodity production, and others that can help better plan and monitor results.

Financial Instruments

Finance is a critical piece of the puzzle for this sectoral transition and complements other efforts to eliminate deforestation and conversion of natural habitat. There is a growing interest from lenders and investors in innovative finance mechanisms and several have been deployed already. An overview of the latest initiatives and financial mechanisms are available here.

IFACC Resources

Here you can find the relevant resources elaborated by the IFACC team, including the IFACC commitment, environmental frameworks, and other materials on innovative finance in the Amazon, Cerrado and Chaco biomes.

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