Impact And Risk Management

Here you can find the latest frameworks and tools to help measure all the way from environmental and social risk to the potential positive impact of your investments. An overview of environmental frameworks, performance indicators and monitoring approaches are available, as well as tools that measure deforestation dynamics linked to commodity production, and others that can help better plan and monitor results.


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TNC Carbon Benefit Calculator

The TNC Carbon Benefit Calculator is a tool developed by The Nature Conservancy that estimates the volume of avoided carbon emissions from avoided conversion of native vegetation in any municipality i...
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The Cadastro Rural Portal is an initiative of the Federal Government with the objective of increasing transparency and efficiency in the cadastral management of rural properties in Brazil through t...

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Comissão Pro Indio

The Pro-Indigenous Commission (CPI-SP) brings a database of quilombola territories covering not only those identified by INCRA, but also those identified by state land agencies, as some States, suc...

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The National Registry of Conservation Units (CNUC) is maintained by the MMA with the collaboration of federal, state and municipal managing bodies. Its main objective is to make available a databas...


Guia Ambiental e Social para el financiamento sostenbile de la Actividad Agrícola en el Paraguay

The Environmental and Social Guide for the Financing of Agricultural Activity in Paraguay, is conceived as an instrument that allows to have basic guidelines to finance this activity in the country, w...

Guia Ambiental e Social para el financiamento sostenbile del sector ganadero

The Environmental and Social Guide for the Financing of Livestock Activity aims to bring together the resources and skills of the financial system to promote the implementation of best environmenta...

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IBAT - Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool

IBAT offers a ‘one-stop shop’ data search service for those seeking authoritative global biodiversity information. IBAT provides fast, easy, and integrated acces to three of the world’s most author...

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AqueDuct (WRI)

The tool provides geo-referenced data on current water risks (segmented by type and intensity), as well as the projection of these risks, based on projected climate scenarios for 2030 and 2040

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It monitors the entire Brazilian territory to make it possible to expand the supply of resources and reduce costs in the agricultural financing ecosystem. Through solutions, it facilitates access t...

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The Beef Toolkit

The Beef Toolkit is designed to support companies in the responsible sourcing of beef.  It is an accessible guide to the many initiatives which aim to decouple beef production and trading from...

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