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Proven business models are available to increase production yield and farmer incomes while avoiding further biodiversity loss, water, climate and social impacts. Here you can find studies that review the land-use dynamics in these biomes, DCF soy and cattle proven business cases and production models, industry analysis, and the role of finance.


Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Títulos de Dívida e Mudanças Climáticas: Análise de Mercado 2018

The study “Debt Bonds and Climate Change: Market Analysis 2018”, produced by the Climate Bonds Initiative, sponsored by HSBC and translated by SITAWI, identified a universe of $1.45 trillion in cli...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Briefing Paper: Os títulos verdes podem financiar a agricultura brasileira.

Brazil is one of the main agricultural producers in the world, having several financing programs for the sector, including programs for low carbon agriculture. However, the use of green titles rela...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Quanto Vale o Verde: A Importância Econômica das Unidades de Conservação Brasileiras

The publication brings study results on the contribution that the protection of green areas can bring to the national economy from the benefits of goods and services offered effectively or potentia...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Instituições Financeiras e a Gestão do Risco de Desmatamento

This study seeks to: (1) improve the management of deforestation risk by banks through (1a) recommending elements of analysis for granting credit and (1b) providing information on tools and databas...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Financiamento da Recomposição Florestal com Exploração Econômica da Reserva Legal

This study has two specific objectives: (i) to identify and evaluate models for financing the restoration of Legal Reserve areas (where there is a possibility of economic exploitation), considering...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Certificados de Recebíveis do Agronegócio – CRA Verde

This publication proposes ways to promote CRA as a tool to encourage and recognize more responsible agricultural practices on the part of producers, and to mitigate investors' exposure to socio-env...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Análise dos Recursos do Programa ABC Safra 2016/17

This report is part of a series of annual publications by the ABC Plan Observatory with the aim of following up and monitoring the ABC Program, the main credit line for financing low-carbon agricul...


Publications - Desafios e restrições dos produtores rurais na adoção de tecnologias de baixo carbono ABC

This study is an initiative within the ABC Observatory aimed at investigating some of the factors that impact the performance of the ABC Program, considering the perspective of the final customers:...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Investimento Responsável e o Combate ao Desmatamento nas Cadeias de Pecuária, Soja, Papel e Celulose no Brasil

"This report aims to:

• Systematically analyze the risks linked to deforestation that are

exposed to companies operating in Brazil and producing or purchasing soy,

beef, paper and...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Propostas para Revisão do Plano ABC

This document, produced by consulting several civil society entities involved with the low-carbon agriculture agenda, aims to contribute to the ABC Plan review process, presenting proposals to impr...

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