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Proven business models are available to increase production yield and farmer incomes while avoiding further biodiversity loss, water, climate and social impacts. Here you can find studies that review the land-use dynamics in these biomes, DCF soy and cattle proven business cases and production models, industry analysis, and the role of finance.


Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Mercado de Carbono – Marco Regulatório

This paper analyzes and details the regulatory options to present a proposal for the Brazilian Emissions Trading System based on the technical notes from the series of webinars organized by CEBDS b...

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - The role of natural climate solutions in corporate climate commitments

This brief provides guidance for institutional investors on the use of natural climate solutions (NCS) in corporate climate strategies. Companies in all sectors are increasingly making climate comm...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Tendências de Finanças Sustentáveis no Brasil para 2021

"The SITAWI team then identified in early 2021 ten trends that will emerge or solidify on the ESG agenda.

1. Performance-based sustainable debt instruments will outpace resource-related instr...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Apoio à gestão de riscos climáticos: Guia de ferramentas abertas e restritas

Tools that provide information about climate risks in locations and/or companies.

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - Handbook for Nature-related Financial Risks: Key concepts and a framework for identification

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) has published a handbook for understanding and identifying nature-related financial risks.

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - Linking deforestation risks to investment value

This briefing explains the different kinds of risks that financial institutions are exposed to, how these can translate into lower loan and investment values, and how financial institutions can mit...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - A rastreabilidade da cadeia da carne bovina no Brasil - Coalizão Brasil – Clima, Florestas e Agricultura

Assessment of existing traceability models and recommendations aimed at building this new model in which environmental traceability is an integral part of the production chain as a whole, escaping...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Financing Deforestation Increasingly Risky Due to Tightening Regulatory Frameworks

The trend to integrate sustainability factors into financial regulatory frameworks is creating compliance, legal and reputational risks for local banks and investors financing forest-risk commoditi...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - The Impact of Rural Credit on Agriculture and Land Use: An Analysis of Brazilian Biomes

This work aims to deepen the understanding of rural credit impact, detailing the results by Brazilian biomes: Amazon, Cerrado, Pampas, Mata Atlântica, and Caatinga.4 The analysis also focuses on th...

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - Banking beyond Deforestation

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) has published a new report detailing how the banking industry can contribute to halting and reversing deforestation.

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