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Proven business models are available to increase production yield and farmer incomes while avoiding further biodiversity loss, water, climate and social impacts. Here you can find studies that review the land-use dynamics in these biomes, DCF soy and cattle proven business cases and production models, industry analysis, and the role of finance.


Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - The roadmap to financing deforestation-free commodities

This White Paper looks at why financial institutions globally are not taking sufficient action or are finding it more difficult to do so than envisaged, and recommends ways forward for the various...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Guia de Gestão de Riscos e Oportunidades Ambientais no Mercado Financeiro Brasileiro

Starting from the basic level of legal compliance, it goes beyond it and considers key environmental performance variables, in order to build an efficient and adequate methodology for managing risk...

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - Financing Nature: Closing the Global Biodiversity Financing Gap

Biodiversity—the sheer number and variety of plant and animal species on the planet—is essential for the health of our planet. It is essentially nature, by another name.

In diversity there is...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Mercado de Carbono – Guia CEBDS

The CEBDS Guide on Carbon Market presents the main concepts related to this important agenda of sustainable development.


Publication - Cerrado Soy System Map

Using a systems practice methodology, the Good Growth Partnership partners in Brazil created a map of the Cerrado soy system to uncover underlying patterns, identify ways leverage points to change...

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - State of Nature and Finance

The State of Finance of Nature tracks global trends in public and private investment in nature-based solutions, aiming to improve data quality and identify opportunities for governments, businesses...

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - Deforestation as a systemic risk: An opportunity for investors collective action

Deforestation is a very material risk for investors. It drives reputational risks related to consumers and environmental organisations as well as legal risks as new legislation for climate-related...

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - Guest view: How companies can cut deforestation

Responsible companies and their chief executives in the region and around the globe can safeguard South America’s natural areas by harnessing innovations that expand integrated production practices...


Publication - Chaco Beef System Map

The System Map depicts the underlying systems structures that influence land-use in the Paraguayan Chaco. The variables are coloured according to six ‘sectoral’ categories: Commodity markets, Land...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Riscos e Oportunidades Financeiras Relacionadas às Mudanças Climáticas: Tendências institucionais dos atores de mercado no Brasil

The report provides a context for the TCFD, its progress in the discussion of the global financial system and the insertion of the subject in Brazil. From this scenario, we bring the results of int...

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