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Proven business models are available to increase production yield and farmer incomes while avoiding further biodiversity loss, water, climate and social impacts. Here you can find studies that review the land-use dynamics in these biomes, DCF soy and cattle proven business cases and production models, industry analysis, and the role of finance.


Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Initiatives - Good Growth Partnership

Working across production, financing and demand, the Good Growth Partnership convenes a wide range of stakeholders and initiatives to reduce deforestation and enable sustainable development in thre...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Relatório de Pesquisa com Emissores e Investidores sobre Títulos Verdes no Brasil

"This report, prepared by SITAWI, describes the results of a survey carried out with (potential) issuers and investors on the Brazilian market for green bonds, in order to understand:

• Barri...

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - Habitat, water security and air quality: New index reveals which sectors and countries are at risk from biodiversity loss

Swiss Re Institute's Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Index analysis highlights which economic sectors are most reliant on nature and the exposure each country has to biodiversity and ecosystems...

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - A Multi-Billion-Dollar Opportunity: Repurposing agricultural support to transform food systems

Joint FAO-UNDP-UNEP report calls for governments to rethink the way agriculture is subsidized and supported. The majority (87%) of $540 billion of support to agricultural producers is either price...

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - Guía para el diseño de un Sistema de Administración de Riesgos Ambientales y Sociales (SARAS) para instituciones financieras en América Latina y el Caribe

This document offers financial institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean a guide with concrete examples, models and tools so that they can design each element and component of their own Envir...


Publications - 7 Peculiarities of Rural Credit in the Cerrado: Private Resources Attracted to Finance Large Producers Contrast with Scarcity of Credit for Family Farming

In this brief, researchers from Climate Policy Initiative/Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (CPI/PUC-Rio) analyze the key features of rural credit in the Cerrado biome and highlight...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Nature Related Financial Risks in Brazil

This paper explores how and to what extent Brazilian banks are exposed to the loss of biodiversity through their lending to non-financial corporates. The results suggest that such exposures are mat...

Amazon, Cerrado, Chaco

Publications - The Economic Rationale to Invest in Nature

This research initiative, called “The Road to Kunming,”  has been supported by the Global Partnership for Sustainability, with the objective of shedding new light on the linkages between healt...

Amazon, Cerrado

Publications - Análise do Mercado de Financiamento Sustentável da Agricultura no Brasil

The Sustainable Agriculture Finance Market Analysis in Brazil report provides an analysis of how labeled bonds are currently used to finance sustainable agriculture projects, assets and activities...


Publications - Increasing Cattle Productivity in the Amazon Requires New Technologies

Cattle ranching is associated with deforestation in the Amazon region – a large part of the deforested areas have been converted to pasture. This pattern of extensive cattle ranching in the Amazon...

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